“A being of dazzling brightness” appeared before Daniel on the banks of the river Tigris. A comparison with Revelation 1:13–15 clearly identifies him as Jesus Christ. Daniel was so overwhelmed he collapsed to the ground.

Lesson 10 - Without a Doubt

Have you ever wondered why God does not always answer your prayers immediately? Have you ever prayed only to feel that your prayer ascended no higher than the ceiling? Sometimes we have all felt like the proverbial well-digger who seemed to always come up dry.

Our lesson today takes us behind the scenes. It reveals a titanic conflict between good and evil. Although we sincerely seek God for answers to our prayers, there are powerful Satanic forces working in opposition to God. At times, these forces prevent immediate answers. Good and evil angels wage war in the supernatural battle of light and darkness, good and evil, truth and error.

Prayer unleashes God’s power so that He is able to work in our behalf in new ways. Prayer opens new doors of opportunity for God to move. Since He respects our freedom of choice, prayer enables Him to step into our lives. Prayer gives God the permission to do what He was longing to do all the time. Even when we do not see anything significant occurring, God is still at work to solve the problem. When there are apparently no answers, God is still working out a solution. Even though His purposes are opposed, they will never be defeated. Daniel’s experience is “Exhibit A” of a God who is listening. His silence indicates only that He is already at work to solve the problem. When we kneel before His throne, without a doubt, He is listening.

Without a Doubt: Questions 1-4

Question 1

Daniel was deeply concerned because his people were still in captivity. The Medes and Persians had ascended the throne three years earlier. The prophecy of the Jews’ seventy-year captivity was coming to a close. Daniel was perplexed. When would his people be set free?

Question 2

Question 3