Lesson 11 - Still in His Hands

The evening news constantly reminds us that we live in a world that is out of control. Ethnic violence erupts daily, engulfing millions in war. Tribal conflicts shatter the peace in other regions. The age-old hostilities in the Middle East still smolder just beneath the surface. From a human point of view, there is one word which summarizes the future—uncertainty. It’s as if we were on a Boeing 757, uncertain of who the pilot is and where we are going. For tens of thousands, the future is extremely cloudy.

Our chapter today—Daniel 11—repeats the great truths of Daniel 2, 7, 8, and 9. It then enlarges upon these earlier chapters, giving us repeated assurance that God has not abandoned this planet in rebellion. He is still in control. This world is still in His hands. The future is certain. Our destination is sure. Our Pilot is taking us home!

The Purpose of Prophecy: Question 1

Question 1

As we see Bible prophecy fulfilled, our confidence in God increases, and our belief in the Bible as God’s Word is strengthened. Fulfilled prophecy is one of God’s ways of reminding us that He is still in control of history.

The Rise and Fall of Empires: Questions 2-6

Question 2

Question 3

Amazingly enough, there were four extremely important Persian kings during this period of history. Their names were:

  • Cambyses—530 to 522 B.C.
  • False Smerdis—522 B.C.
  • Darius I—522 to 486 B.C.
  • Ahasuerus—484 B.C.

Question 4

Alexander the Great, the mighty Grecian king, conquered the world at thirty-two years of age by uniting a relatively small band of Greek patriots. Advancing toward Asia, Alexander’s small army crossed the Hellespont. It was powerful enough to completely conquer the Persian Empire. Yet in the infancy of Alexander’s brilliant military career, he died prematurely at the age of thirty-three. His kingdom, as so aptly described in verse 4, “was broken and divided into the four winds.”