Belshazzar, the king, crossed God’s boundary line. Judgment was about to fall.

Lesson 5 - Life's Greatest Mistake

What is life’s greatest mistake? What is life’s most foolish decision? The greatest mistake in life is not to make mistakes—it is to fail to learn from the mistakes we make. Life’s most foolish decision is to ignore the warnings of God. It is to repeatedly violate our conscience, reject God’s counsel, and turn our backs on His instruction. It is to walk away from the opportunities God gives us.

Belshazzar, the grandson of Nebuchadnezzar, had plenty of opportunities to serve God. His own grandfather had committed his life to the true God. The prophet Daniel had lived in Babylon witnessing for truth for seventy years. The light of truth shone upon Belshazzar, but he foolishly rejected it. A day of judgment was approaching much faster than he realized. Belshazzar learned, as we must, that one thing is for certain—there is a day of judgment for us all.

Belshazzar’s Night of Pleasure: Questions 1-4

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

The sacred vessels from the temple at Jerusalem were dedicated for use in Israel’s worship services of the true God. It was blasphemous to defile these holy goblets by filling them with intoxicating wine at a drunken Babylonian orgy. The king crossed God’s boundary line. Judgment was about to fall.