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Welcome to the Discover Bible School online! These Bible guides provide a clearer understanding of God, the Creator who designed us and who cares about us. They show how God has communicated to man through the inspired writers of the Holy Bible, and how these messages apply to our lives today. These popular Bible guides are now available on the Internet. You can progress through the entire series via your computer. All of this is provided free of charge. Select this link to go to the technical help section at the bottom of this page.

Below is a sampler of this exciting 26 lesson series:
   *What is the real secret of living a happy life?
   *Does the Bible offer help to us today?
   *Heaven -- Is it real? Can I go there?
   *How can I feel better and live longer?
   *Why does a God of love allow me to suffer?
   *Is there hope of life after death?
   *What is the secret to having my prayers answered?

Note that you can also request this series through the postal mail if you prefer.


Welcome to the Discover Bible Studies -- one of the largest Bible study courses in the world. These guides have been translated into 67 languages and used by 135 Bible correspondence schools.

The Discover Bible Studies can be used by anyone -- from those who have never picked up a Bible to those who would like to refresh their biblical knowledge. All the truths found within these guides are directly from the Bible, and your personal online Bible instructor will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Studying the Bible with the help of this popular series will make biblical concepts easier to grasp, and can lead you to experience a happier, more satisfied life.

This series covers major biblical themes such as truth, heaven and prayer. If you do not have a Bible, you can still take the course. All of the key Bible references are included with each guide. However, using your own Bible as you study the course will be helpful, as you can mark passages and connect references.

You will notice a set of questions at the end of each Discover Guide. Simply fill in the answers and click on the Submit button. You will then receive an e-mail message summarizing your answers and the link to the next Discover Guide so you can study at your own pace.

Once you begin the online Discover Studies, you will notice that each Bible reference is linked to the online Bible Gateway. Clicking on a reference link will open a new window that you can resize and place on the side of your screen for convenient viewing. Once the Bible Gateway window is open, you will be able to view the context of the reference, or you can select one of several different translations for additional comparison.

Your online instructor will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Remember, we are here for you, so keep in touch. Enjoy your journey through the Bible!

Yours in Christ,

John Bradshaw
It Is Written Television

Technical Help

It is very important that you enter your correct email address in each Discover Guide answer sheet as this is the only way we can reply to you with the graded answer sheet and the web address for the next Discover Guide. If you do not hear back from us, then it is likely that there was a mistake in the email address and the reply message is not reaching you. You may want to check your "spam block" folder to see if our reply was hidden by mistake.

You will be able to progress through the lessons at your own pace, and the following lesson is immediately available to you as soon as you finish a lesson. Your instructor will reply as soon as possible to any question you have via email. You will always login to complete your next lesson here. Please make sure that you visit the studies login page in a stand alone Internet Explorer browser, not in a hotmail.com or Yahoo.com email window.

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